A "BasementHammer" approach to rules fixes, core scenario options and expanding the game, both for Warhammer Fantasy and Mordheim.
The Objective: enrich the Core Rules with more narrative and story, and add more options for even richer games.

This is our game, and we should strive to make it as good as we can.
See the "About" page for more details.


Mordheim Resources and Supplements

Here you will find a listing and links to Supplements of Official Mordheim Material, as well as original Community projects that have introduced new options and ways of playing the game.

Taking the Streets: an introduction to Mordheim.

Mordheim Living Rulebook (Official) (click to download)

This is the official ruleset, updated as of the latest errata.
You can find a listing of the latest Errata, FAQ and rules clarifications in the Mordheimer site.

The original ruleset includes the first Warbands and Scenarios, as well as the Exploration charts, Hired Swords and Dramatis Personae characteristic of The City of the Damned.
Click here for our optimized, "fixed" and playtested Compendium Rulebook.

>>>>> Editable Roster sheet for Mordheim warband (from Border Town Burning).
>>>>> Chaos in the Streets: Multiplayer rules and Scenarios

General Supplements:

These can be used in any battles and campaigns of the game, regardless of which setting you are using.
Master Skill List: your one-stop-shop for all the needs of your experienced Heroes and all the skills they can select from. @ Mordheimer's Information Centre
Master Equipment list: a comprehensive list of added equipment, invaluable to any adventurer. @ Mordheimer's Information Centre
Corrupted Characters: this compilation by Werekin presents a very characterful list of random mutations, plus rules for sending maimed or mutated Heroes to the surgeon, and harnessing the magical powers of Wyrdstone... by Werekin @ Liber Malefic
Swords of the Empire (Liber Malefic compilation): a compilation of many Hired Swords ready to take up the coin in service of your warband. by Werekin @ Liber Malefic
Miracle Workers: embrace a priest of any of the major religions of the Empire into your warband as one of their Heroes! by Werekin @ Liber Malefic 
Sages & Mages: this expansion allows for greater flexibility in the abilities and magic schools of the spellcasting Hired Swords, allowing you to create witches, necromancers, daemon summoners, etc. You can even hire one as one of your warband's Heroes! by StyrofoamKing @ Styroheim 
Dark Rituals of the Chaos Gods: summon Daemons using magic circles during the heat of battle!

CITY OF THE DAMNED supplements:

Use these supplements to add life and character to games and campaigns played inside Mordheim, the City of the Damned.
Random Happenings: all the unexpected and insane events that occurs everyday in the City of the Damned. Use them every game to bring the city of Mordheim to life.
Subplots: instead of random happenings (or in addition to, for added fun!!), you can add more character to the corner of Mordheim you are fighting in.
At the Mouth of Madness: Insanity rules, 'Call of Cthulhu'-like. Bring horrific realism to the dread awfulness that is the City of the Damned.
Bringing Life to the City of the Damned - Scenario table and map: use this resource to determine where the fights take place within the city, fleshing out the different districts, each with particular characteristics.
Refer to the Town Cryer Magazines, or The Mordheimer's Master scenario list, for the scenarios mentioned inside.
Encampments: a series of experimental rules where warbands can set up a camp in one of the shabby settlements that sprang up around Mordheim, visit the vendors there and get into further trouble with the locals.
      -Encampments Part 1: 'Encampment Raid' scenario and equipment, Settlements Events and Sigmarhaven
      -Encampments Part 2: Cutthroats' Den
      -Encampments Part 3: Brigandsburg
     Suggestion: the rules regarding Settlement special rules don't seem to be very balanced, and the Housing chart for staying within Mordheim itself seems to be missing. I am working on a set of fixes that can make them usable as of now.

EMPIRE IN FLAMES: official Setting expansion

One of the first official campaign settings, Empire in Flames gives players the material required to play battles in the rural countryside of the Empire.

Includes all the rules required to run outdoors battles in the Realms of Man, including full rules for mounted models, as well as matching Scenarios, Exploration tables and Hired Swords.

Part 1 - Background & Wilderness rules
Part 2 - Scenarios & Warbands

Averland Province: background & Mercenary rules, two scenarios: 'Blood in the Pasturelands' and 'Through BlackFire Pass'.
Ostermark Province: background & Mercenary rules, two scenarios: 'Upon the Eerie Downs' and 'Battle for the Farm'.
Reikland Province: background & Mercenary rules, two scenarios: 'Brigands in the Pasturelands' and 'The Watchtower'.
Stirland Province: background & Mercenary rules, two scenarios: 'River Watch' and 'Hunt the Heretic'.
The Moot: background, Halfling Thief Hired Sword, two scenarios: 'Protect Hornsby's Ferry' and 'Stop, Thief!'.
Hired Sword - The Cursed Hillman: a Hired Sword who suffers from severe lycanthropy, and turns into a frothing Wolf-man when under pressure.

Nemesis Crown campaign: Forest Random Happenings, several more warbands and Hired Swords, and 9 new wilderness scenarios.

A special mention must be made here, as this is a problem many gaming group find themselves in:
While battles in the open plains of The Empire may indicate the scenery should be more sparse, our group and veterans heavily suggest players to place down more scenery to break line of sight as much as possible. The Mordheim rules require it for game balance. If you don't do this, ranged weapons and mounted models will rapidly dominate the game and cause much lamentation, crying and grinding of teeth.
Hills (and to a lesser extent hedgerows and rock formations) particularly allow for seemingly open terrain while still allowing models to move around in cover, thus keeping the table looking like a plain but maintaining game balance.

BORDER TOWN BURNING: a narrative campaign in the Silk Road and the Northern Wastes

This amazing work is the brainchild of Christian 'Cianty' Templin (and his co-conspirator Stu 'Werekin' Cresswell), and set a new benchmark on how Mordheim campaigns can be run.
Border Town Burning's Objectives system allows each warband to gain bonuses and options that relate to their goals:  turning into a Daemon Prince via Chaos Artifacts, protect the Border Towns by working for the Cathayan lords, break into the silk market and monopolize the trade routes or establish your own cabal of underground contacts to stealthily rob or assassinate your opponents.
The Objectives fully interact with Exploration results and special unlockable scenarios.

Includes several new scenarios, a new Exploration table, new Random Happenings, new equipment and several new warbands. Plus, a fully-stocked Bestiary full of deadly foes and gigantic monsters!

Download here!
or click the title for the developers' webpage for more information.

SARTOSA, THE PIRATE ISLE: a ship-raiding and press-ganging Setting for all your pirating needs

Ahoy matey! If ye like the glitter a' gold, come yonder: our ship's the fastest in the southern seas, an' our reputation is mighty fierce... what say ye ? or shall we be force to... coerce you?

Created by Dave 'StyrofoamKing' Joria and Malte Adamson, this expansion is the dream of every pirate-to-be out there! Press-gang hapless able-bodied men into your cause, to raid coastal towns in search of cargo to loot or to fight the pirate threat in service of the Imperial Navy.

All the usual tropes are there: ship-to-ship boarding, ghost pirates, treasure hunting, exploring shipwrecks, fighting sea monsters, etc.
- Background and General Rules
- Exploration
- Equipment
- Warbands: Human Pirates, Pirates of the Cathayan Sea, Dwarf Slayer Pirates, Khorne Raiders, Araby Smugglers, Ghost Pirates, Lothern Elf Sea Patrol, Orc Pirates
- Scenarios
- Random Events
- Locales
- Hired Sword: Slayer Pirate
- Reference sheet
- Errata
- Add-on Expanded rules: great resource if you really wish to embark all in a full pirate campaign!

LUSTRIA, CITIES OF GOLD: a campaign setting of explorers braving the dense jungles in search of fabulous treasure

...Tales tell of hidden stone temples within the deep jungle, attended by giant lizards who walk like men... but these savage creatures guard treasures beyond imagining: ornate gold ornaments, fabulous jewels, and artefacts of magicks not of this world... yes, my friend, this a trip of a lifetime. Will you sign up?

From the mind of Steve Cornette and the rest of the Lustria - Cities of Gold e-group, this was the second full-fledged campaign setting to hit the game, after the familiar streets of the City of the Damned.
Here you will find all the rules to fight your way across the treacherous jungle terrain, including hidden hazards and secrets spread across the table in every game, as well as swimming across tropical streams and climbing up trees.
A set of new scenarios (and warbands!) adds to the flavor of the Exploration missions, where brave (or foolish) Tilean explorers try to outsmart the Lizardmen guardians, while competing for artefacts with the Norse Explorers and Pirates. Meanwhile, every warband will have to look out for Dark Elf raiding parties and the vengeful Amazons.
And last, but certainly not least, this setting boasts some of the most powerful and wondrous magical items and artifacts to be found, ripe for the picking... if you survive.
Just like Empire in Flames (see above), this campaign setting can be used to stage ongoing league battles, or used as a base to run full-fledged custom-made narrative campaigns (or mixed in with an existing campaign, such as Sartosa).

You can find the original form of the rules in the now-defunct website (below), but preserved by the Internet Archive. A slightly edited version of the rules was then published in Town Cryer (issue #10-15), but lacking a few of the warbands.

Original Cities of Gold website (click here) contains a few extra warbands and articles.

KHEMRI, LAND OF THE DEAD: a high risk, low-resource exploration of the deserts, filled with trap-ridden underground tombs and fabulous wealth

The stories of the treasures of the Tomb Kings have persisted down the ages. Generations of thieves and tomb robbers have tried their luck at finding the valuables. Not all of the treasure is gold or jewels. The Liche Priests of ancient Khemri were masters of the necromantic arts. Their secret writings and papyri are eagerly sought by modern day necromancers, mages and seekers after forbidden knowledge. Every now and again a bold Sheikh of Araby will rouse his Bedouins to raid the crumbling necropolises. They know full well the horrors they may encounter. The tales of old are kept alive by their storytelling traditions.

Developed by a large collaboration of members of the Mordheim Community (foremost Tommy "Punk" Muller, Brian Coggin, Steve "Grafix" Gibbs, Robert Walker & Terry Maltman), and later published in Town Cryer, this ruleset introduced the harsh weather conditions of the deserts of Araby and old Nehekhara to Mordheim. But most importantly, it brought to the game the Underground rules for the first time, where models explore random tunnel tiles, and can trigger insanely deadly traps, while trying to haul treasure out of the tombs. The setting draws a lot of inspiration from Indiana Jones, and of course, The Mummy movies.

The setting includes warbands, weather and water-consumption rules, specific equipment, as well as a suite of scenarios and accompanying Exploration chart.

Just like Empire in Flames (see above), this campaign setting can be used to stage ongoing league battles, or used as a base to run full-fledged custom-made narrative campaigns (or mixed in with an existing campaign, such as Relics of the Crusades).
You can get the Town Cryer compilation here, but make sure you get the few supplemental rules they left out (part1, part2) of the publication, otherwise you won't be able to run the setting properly and will be missing some other fun scenarios.

NOTE: Khemri campaigns are not for the faint-hearted. The water rules and the limited availability of resources make it a tour-de-force of warband management and player ingenuity. During the Trading phase  you may end up finding just a single trader in an Oasis, who barely has any items to sell, severely limiting your re-stocking abilities). And living warbands must always re-stock their water supplies, severely hampering them compared to undead warbands. 
Make sure there is a good discussion and consensus among players (I mean, even more than usually required!) before starting a Khemri campaign.

RELICS OF THE CRUSADES: a narrative campaign of treasure-seeking, career-building and careful resource management
... many years ago the Sultan Jaffar led the armies of Araby to conquer Estalia. They had a tentative hold on the land until the knightly orders of the Old World and Bretonnia amassed a mighty force and drove them out. However, loud voices arose from priest and prince alike to escalate the fight into Araby and these wars became known as the crusades... the princes' hunger for wealth became insatiable. They became obsessed with the valuables held by the Caliphs of Araby. Their armies raided Khemrian tombs as well as laying waste to any Arabian town they passed. The crusaders carved out various kingdoms for themselves throughout Araby...

A great undertaking by Firuz and the Accursed Knowledge Gaming Group, this campaign takes a similar framework to the Khemri campaign setting, and sets the stage during the decades following the Old Worlder crusades, where uneasy truces between the local Caliphs and the fervous zealots of the small Crusader kingdoms were the only thing preventing all-out war and devastation from returning to the land.

The land of Araby was the scene of violent conflicts throughout the crusades and the grand treasures of Prince Arnyld still litter the battlefields. It is for these Relics of Battle that your warriors face the horrifying dangers of the Arabian desert.
Relics of the Crusades allows players to choose which Locales they wish to travel for their adventures: the cities are (mostly) safe and where most of the traders will be found, while to find actual treasure warbands will have to venture out into the deep desert, and risk becoming lost for several campaign rounds. Each particular Locale also has its own scenario list, and its own special rules. Some of these places are civilized, cultured cities of the Caliphs, who maintain order and reward loyalty. Others are haunted cities that have been razed during the crusades, where the people have been marked by the inhuman atrocities committed then, which the few survivors (both locals and invaders) perpetuate...

Law is observed in civilized lands, and when battling on the streets of Arabyan towns players will have to dodge crowds and guards, and if it comes to worse, break a fellow out of jail if they are captured. Some warriors may even be barred forever from entering certain cities! Don't forget that not all cities are safe: each has its own politics, and those less lawful can be havens for cutthroat warbands or those in search of forbidden goods, but also rife with marauding assassins and thieves.

The leader of each warband embarks on a Path, which tracks their achievements across the land according to their Experience and the specific goods they acquire that relate to their goals.
There are many Paths to choose from: seek glory in battle and climb the ranks of a knightly order; embrace piety and adhere to the local customs and receive patronage from the Arabyan nobility; make your mark in the local markets and raise your own caravan business on the Silk road; train to become a disciplined assassin and disappear into the crowds to strike from nowhere; plumb the vaults of scientific knowledge of the local universities and lost arts of the Nehekharans in search of magical and scientific truths; or delve into the Caverns of the Worm to learn the dark rites of those hiding there and form your own Cult in the depths of the desert.

The campaign features several clever and fun environmental rules: darkness rules for night-fighting, crowded streets during the day which hamper warrior movement and can stampede in panic, desert storms and heat, and guard watchmen who will try their best to ensure warbands get to play the dungeon break-out scenario (if they want to see their fellow warrior again!).
The campaigns also includes several warbands and specific equipment, straight from the exotic lands of Araby!

Relics of the Crusades pt.1: Locales, Paths, environmental rules, new equipment, Exploration tables, skills, bestiary
Relics of the Crusades pt.2: warbands, Hired Swords, Dramatis Personae

KARAK AZGAL & KARAK EIGHT PEAKS: dungeon delving in the Dwarven Halls

Do you like dungeon crawls? Dungeons and Dragons style? Well, then here are a pair of settings for you! All battles in these settings occur in an underground setting, so a set of rules similar to the Underground rules for Khemri are in effect. 

I list both settings here together because they are very similar, and each has elements that the other one hasn't, but complement each other brilliantly.
Karak Azgal has several new warbands with very interesting special rules (like Skaven and Dwarf tunnelers!), as well as several Hired Swords and Dramatis Personae and a very cool Dragon scenario!
Karak Eight peaks has more detail regarding scenery placement, has several new specific scenarios, a more detailed Exploration table, and a random underground Encounters rule that springs surprise on players when they venture into certain battlefield areas.
My recommendation is for players to mix and match the elements they prefer together, and pick whichever narrative location fits their choice of warbands better.

Karak Azgal (by the Karak Azgal development team)is a dwarf Hold that was overrun by their enemies and subsequently abandoned. It even became the nest for a dragon.
The dragon was eventually slain by a Dwarf hero, who then founded a new fortress-city outside the ruins. Karak Azgal is now open for explorers, to help explore and regain the lost Hold from Greenskins, Skaven and worse. But surely finding a lot of treasure in doing so.

The setting also introduces new warbands, such as Dwarf Guilds (miners, brewers and engineers), a Slayer-only warband, Night Goblins, Savage Orcs, Skaven clans Mors and Skryre, as well as Strigoi Undead.
More interestingly, it also showcases the Adventurers' warband, which consists of a Barbarian, a Wizard, an Elf, Dwarf and Noble, who all take turns at being the leader of the band (and bicker constantly). The typical dungeon-adventuring party in Mordheim form.

Karak Eight Peaks (by Noigrim from Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum), now known as The City of Pillars, was also brought low by invading Night Goblins and Skaven more than two thousand years ago, but the war is still ongoing. Skaven clan Mors controls most of the city, but not completely. The three factions constantly fight for more ground, trying to retake more halls and territory.

The setting introduces the Crooked Moon Night Goblins warband (very similar to the one in Karak Azgal), Dwarf Clan Angrund (which includes Ironbreakers), and a Skaven-and-Goblin-led slave uprising warband!

It is recommended that players refer to the Undeground rules in the Khemri Campaign Setting, as their guidelines are better established and they provide clearer examples on how to convert core Mordheim scenarios into underground variants.
Otherwise, players can make use of any underground or dungeon terrain they might have, be it WarhammerQuest tiles, modular dungeon terrain or even large multi-level dungeon terrain sets.

(...under construction...)


Vampire Hunters

High Seas


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