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Thursday, December 6, 2018

4day Age of Sigmar Narrative Event at NOVA Open 2018

Let me share with you folks how the big narrative Age of Sigmar events look like these days!
This post has been taking a long time to finally post here!!
This was the 4-day Grand Narrative at the Nova Open in August, run by the Narrative Event Organizers Network (NEON).

What insanity this was :D It was amazing.
Look at this as a template on how to run and set up Narrative Events, regardless of your Wargame system (Age of Sigmar, 9th Age, Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th ed, etc etc).

- Each player had to bring a kitbashed Airship, which used a custom warscroll developed by the team. And yes, our units could board the airship!

- Players also fielded a Champion, also with a custom warscroll, that gained Experience and abilities across battles.

- Players belonged to guilds, and collected relics and gold for their guild, to upgrade their Heroes and their Airship (by placing upgrade stickers on its sheet).

- Players were encouraged to come up with their own narrative shenanigans, such as strange rituals that affected the battles, taking control of mines of "spice" and getting addicted, and betraying their guilds.

On-the-spot Greenskin diplomacy at work.

- Amazing thematic tables, each representing a location in the campaign map, which was being approached by a Godbeast. 

- The Battle of the Four Fleets featured 4-ft long (and tall?) massive vessels, which players boarded in search of more treasure! Ships of Renown rules were also used for players to man their own boats.

- A massive multiplayer 20-person siege battle, full of backstabbing and gates thrown open.

- An airship race to get to the mines, under rock bridges, like in Star Wars pod-races!

- The final battle took place on top of a Godbeast (!), and some armies got inside its brain! :O

Organizers Brian Orban, Aaron Bostian, Matt Tucker, Ben Marshal and Matt Hayward were the masterminds, and boy did they succeed. Brian especially, who made most of the terrain on the tables, including the Godbeast and the massive ships.

It was an unforgetable 4 days, and I hope to join them next year as well. Amazing group of folks, very creative and everyone was chilling and having a blast.

If you guys are interested, keep an eye out for next year's NOVA Open: tickets for these events go out quickly once they are up, its been growing every year!

I have  a few more posts on the way, from some Mordheim playtesting. Stay tuned, hopefully to return to a more regular posting schedule.