A "BasementHammer" approach to rules fixes, core scenario options and expanding the game, both for Warhammer Fantasy and Mordheim.
The Objective: enrich the Core Rules with more narrative and story, and add more options for even richer games.

This is our game, and we should strive to make it as good as we can.
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What this blog is (supposedly and hopefully) to be about.
NOTE: this page was written in 2014, before the release of Warhammer - Age of Sigmar, so as you can imagine much of its content refers to the previous 8th Edition of the game, but not all! :)

Here I share some of the material that I have put together over time, with the goal of improving the Warhammer and Mordheim gaming experience. The goal: expand the experience of the game as a recreation of a fantasy field battle (or in-your-face skirmish).

As said in many Warhammer Rulebooks of editions past, "Warhammer is your game".

What I hope to contribute with this blog is a series of options and "patches", if you will, that you may find interesting and useful to add/modify in your game, that I have put together and use in my games. Mix and match, use what you like, throw away and spit on what you don't.
Whether for gaming among friends (your garage-hammer) or for a framework of standardized rules in your Friendly Local Game Store.

The goal is to bring Warhammer closer together, bridging the gap between army optimization (which is perfectly reasonable that everyone does) and interesting narrative games, with more purpose to the conflict, more variety in objectives and allowing all units to shine and have their place in the spotlight.

Explore, use it, tweak it and have fun.

Note: I am a player and Games Master/designer first, hobbyist second. Also, I tend to have to relocate every ~5 years due to work.
So most of my personal terrain collection is papercraft or modular cardboard, and many of my minis are still unpainted. So don't be surprised to see a somewhat more loose level of dedication to the hobby as one could expect from other blogs :)


  1. Could be interesting you

    1. Thank you, this is quite interesting... :)
      Would be amazing to actually use a accurate model of Castle Wittgenstein for its own Mordheim scenario... will keep an eye on it.

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