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Monday, September 28, 2015

Warhammer Fantasy Scenario Generator - 'Theaters of War': sneak peak

Finally, back to some actual narratives rules material!

This is a sneak peak (click here) of the Scenario/Mission generator for Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition that I have been working on, named 'Theaters of War - Warhammer Fantasy Battles Mission Generator'.

It takes several ideas from Gav Thorpe's great 'Scenario Generator' published for 6th edition, but simplifies them and uses a list of previously published scenarios (all by GW).
The full scenario list is still pending.
'Theaaters of War' is meant to be used with the 'Revised Terrain Generator' I have put together some time ago (which allows for different Environments).

  • Support for one-off battles or ongoing campaign games;
  • General's Leadership and the army's unit composition affects the advantage in dictating terms of engagement, then players roll-off against each other;
  • Depending on the advantage gained, different types of scenarios are available: Capture, Pitched Battle, Raid, Ambush, Defensive Stand, etc;
  • Winner of the roll-off can choose to play the role of attacker and use the scenario type rolled, or fall back and play a Defensive Stand scenario as a defender;
  • The defender always gets to choose the Environment where the battle takes place (possibly earning the defender significant advantage if in their native environment), unless it is set in a map campaign game (this is meant to use the 'Revised Terrain Generator');
  • Scenarios where one player is at an advantage automatically grant one of many 'Stratagems' to the other player (inspired by the Lords of Battle campaign rules in The End Times: Thanquol).
  • Support for 'Contingents' of Mercenaries, Bound Monsters and Sorcerous Pacts (from Triumph & Treachery and Storm of Magic) allow a player to boost the army's size without changing the army list, for those scenarios that require unequal sized forces;
  • Dozens of scenarios to choose from: fight across the river ford, raid the watchtower or the village, infiltrate the unsuspecting town, hold the line, secure the objectives, fight for control of the great tower or sacrifice yourself as the rearguard!

(images taken from 'The General's Compendium', all rights to their respective authors)

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