A "BasementHammer" approach to rules fixes, core scenario options and expanding the game, both for Warhammer Fantasy and Mordheim.
The Objective: enrich the Core Rules with more narrative and story, and add more options for even richer games.

This is our game, and we should strive to make it as good as we can.
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Mordheim Rulebook Compendium: The Edinburgh revision

Welcome to our version of the Mordheim ruleset!
You can download the Rulebook Compendium we use for our games *HERE*.
(download file and open with Adobe Reader, do not view it in GoogleDrive preview or Mac Preview, as it seems to have some issues).

For more Mordheim content, go to our Mordheim Resources page .

This is not the official Mordheim ruleset!!! If you are new to Mordheim and joining a group of experienced players, PLEASE discuss with them thoroughly which rules and house-rules they are playing with. Nothing drives Mordheim players more into a frenzy than mixing up rules.
Feel free to use this document for house-rule suggestions to your group, but do not consider these rules as worldwide-accepted Mordheim rules.
You have been warned!! :)

The "Edinburgh revision" is a HouseRule version of the compilation often called "The Ultimate Mordheim Rulebook" by Paul H (knights_templar@hotmail.com) from the SoC Aftermath Yahoo group. This original file is a mammoth compilation of Mordheim material, including warbands, equipment, scenarios and optional rules, which were published throughout Town Cryer magazines over time. Many have used it for their games, and it proved a treasure trove for Mordheim players for many years so far. Paul H deserves all the credit for that massive undertaking.

However, as many before, we have found that Mordheim rules, as they stood, had over time induced several gameplay problems and imbalances, and drove many players to frustration. Some tolerated these snags, but it alienated others. We wanted to change this, so we dove in and surgically tried to fix the little small points where Mordheim wasn't flowing smoothly. We have not made deep changes such as those undertaken by CoreHeim or HeroHeim: we wanted to preserve the game as much as possible, and only patch up what was necessary.
And for us, it now works amazingly well :D

The document is constantly updated as we find more things needing fixing, so check your document's filename for the version. Please note that our changes are HOUSE RULES, so please check with any other players that may prefer to reference the original ruleset.

The document is a HEAVY patchwork of PDF editing (on top of Paul H's version), so please forgive us for that. It is by far not the prettiest layout, but we are pragmatic people, and our game flowing smoothly as fast as possible is a priority over perfect editing. But it is perfectly legible and organized.

Hope it serves you well.

  • Random charge distance (D6+D3), pre-measure always allowed, normalizing things for newer players or those with less skill at spotting distances.
  • Attacks with off-hand weapon are at -2 To Hit, thus making options other than "always double-wield weapons" attractive.
  • Bonus from Armor is bumped by +1: Light armor 5+, heavy armor 4+, Ithilmar 4+, Gromril 3+. Shield still 6+ save (or +1 bonus), but cannot be reduced lower than 6+ armor save by modifiers. Toughened leathers still grant 6+ (they are the cheapest). This makes armor a good investment for the money.
  • Parry: if you have more than 2x of the attacker's WS, you gain +1 to parry rolls, so that more skilled warriors gain benefits from the parry rule.
  • Large henchmen (Rat Ogre, Ogre, etc) roll on the Heroes' Serious Injury chart (ignoring some results), to make them a better monetary investment.
  • Captured warriors cannot be executed/sold off immediately, only the following turn, to allow the owning warband to fight a rescue mission scenario.
  • Underdog calculation is based on ratio between warbands, rather than comparing total Ratings:
            if other warband is larger by 51% > +1; by 76% > +2; by 101% > +3; by 151% +4, etc.
  • In multiplayer battles, if any players ally during ANY turn, their Warband Ratings are added together when calculating the highest Rating for the purpose of Underdog comparisons. This way warbands that are ganged up on should be guaranteed a sizeable Underdog bonus.
  • All Dwarves have the racial special rule "Distrustful of Sorcery", which prevents them from EVER learning the Arcane Lore skill.
  • The Crazed, Fanatical and Drunk special rules, as well as the "Immune to Psychology" rules of the Dwarf Slayer and Daemons (ie. automatically pass all Ld test) is changed to"Immune to Fear and all Alone tests".
  • Frenzy only grants and extra +1A attack, instead of doubling the model's attacks.

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